Monday, September 13, 2010

walt: make tried writing come to life

my first piece of writing

when i was 1 year old my brother Sam would bounce me up and down in a big blue bounces harness Sam was only 2 and a half I use to go up so high . I liked it so much
i would aways go over to it . my teddy's use to like to go on i to i though s o i took them to
it would hang down off the roof like a ape so as you can see i liked it alot.

My new writing

when I was 1 year old my big brother Sam would smarty bounce me up so high that I would not come down for a long time. I would do this in a big bright blue bounces harness. Sam greatly enjoyed doing this ever when he was only 2 and a bit over a half I would bang my hands and giggle because I liked it so much.
I was like a magnet to metal to it I would always want to go on it our be around it. I would sit my pink teddy in the seat and push her up and down and listen to the ball in her belly . It would hang down off the roof like a ape off a tree. And mum didn't have to take me to the park to go on the swing because there was all ready a perfect swing in our living room that no other kid could use and there was no line.
As you can see I miss my big blue bounces harness a lot!

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