Tuesday, September 21, 2010

lots of people
not much time
people taking your costunes
people thowing

We all quickly zoomed to our tiny yellow room where we took off our costunes of bright green and blue .

Every body was going so fast it was like we were all going at 100 mph. faster faster faster then stop we have just bean called to the wing.

We were under a hole lot of pessers to put on a very good show . Our faces bright red our bodys hot and staew droping off from our face. we did not have time to rest because we were always had to be on the wing.

Back and forward we would ran all night long in the black as black as the night in and out of six very different costunes and different colours of the rainbow .

when the night was done there we are stading on the costunes on the floor and thinking how are we ever going to clean this mavouse messy mess up.

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