Sunday, September 19, 2010


muddy water cats don't like water
big brown water ducks payed us a visit
flooded deep they were cute
playing funny the cats paw prints were as clear as day
cold and warn


It rain a lot, hard and light it was like a water fall .
the ditch in our front yard was lake a meter deep
all the way. The brown mud made the water a cream chocolate brown .
the cats did not like it a bit the cold freezing water as they tryed to cross but the
water was to storg and they would run back in side to the warmth of the house.
But some mad mad kooky crazy brave little animals did like the freezing cold ice water was two ducks to mad mad kooky crazy brave little ducky ducks swimming in our lake of a front yard but they did not stay they went as fast as the came and did not come back.was it me our was it just getting worst.

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