Sunday, October 17, 2010

There we where standing lost in a dark pine forest me Sam and Jason. well how did we get here It all started with a game of hide and seek go hide and Rex [my dog ] will find you Mun yelled. It was a beautiful day out side bright and sunny warm like honey. Until you play our hide and go seek.

Hide and seek is a fun game for kids 4 5 6 and 7 until you add a 35 kg BLACK AS THE NIGHT dog running after you at great speeds then you deiced if it is scary .

So now you know how we got here this is when is gets bone chilling scary you run for your life as a black demon dog runs as what it feels like 100km you try to escaped and we did. we escaped but faced another problem now we were really really scared, now we are lost .

when you are lost you think you are going to die or someone is going to sell you but what was so bone chillingly scary about us getting lost was something not someone something was looking following us, our every move trying to find us like Nazis try to find a Jew how had escaped .

We saw a hole and hid in it was we safe no, way .

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