Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grapefruit and we want it we can taste the juice running our dry hard toughs. We need a plan something great we say as we sit on the fence something to get the bright yellow juicy fruit on that hot summer’s day.

We sit on the fence with a stick and poke a grapefruit lose and then we get our cup and stick it under the grapefruit and whack it off. just then I slip am I going to fall and drop the grape fruit on to the dark brown moulded leaf covered ground. I fall to the ground and quickly get up and scraper over the wall.

It gets later and the sky turns a dark grey and starts to rain. The grapefruit start to get wet and cold to the touch also the fence gets wet what makes it slippery and we trip and fall, miss step and knock each other the fence.

We don’t give up we climb up the fence and climb to the other side if the people see us we are doomed. We feel like Jews as we just escaped from a death camp and they want to get us.

We duck and roll slip and slide tumble and turn. sullenly there is some one in the window not looking at us but some thing we jump over the fence and sit on the ground we hope that they don’t see us but we must go back over we want the light sweet bright yellow taste grapefruit.

But the woman is getting the washing and knocks one grape

Off and then another one but that one lands on our side we pick it up and run with it when. She went in side we sat on the fence and saw wasted grapefruit on the ground but at lest we have one we juiced it and think


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