Saturday, July 31, 2010


the 3 mousegatears in
the shoping mall fight
by grace christophers

Mouse 1 zikky, fast mouse
Mouse 2 bikky baking mouse
Mouse 3 mikky snobby shopping mouse
Setting : the 3 mice are sitting around a table eating cheese when a sale ad for mice comes up on the TV mikky wants to go but the others don’t .
Mikky. [ jumping up and down happily ] i want to go i want to go it’s a sale and i want to go.
Bikky. [Standing up ] they are wanting you to go don’t play into their games.
Zikky .yeah only dumb mice go.
Mikky. [Complaining ] drive me there now .
Zikky. [stands up ] mikky is a dumb mouse mikky is a dumb mouse.
Mikky . I am not.
Zikky. Yes you are.
Mikky. i am not.
Zikky. yes you are.
Mikky .i am not.
Bikky . stop it all of you are acting like babies.
Mikky. are not.
Zikky. yeah i will not drive you down there.
Bikky. just do it zikky because she will not stop it remember last when this happened .
Zikky. yeah everybody get in the car.
Mikky. ok .
Setting now in the car bikky starts sing a song.
Bikky .we are the 3 mice how are driving in a car driving in a car driving in a car we are the 3 mice how are driving in a car all day long .
We are hiding for the mall for the mall for the we are hiding for the mall all day.
When. we get there ....
Zikky . be quite we know where we are going and in what so why do you have to sing about it?
Mikky. look the mall .
Bikky. the mall look zikky the mall.
Mikky. i am going to the mouse fashions house first and then the house of clothes.
Bikky . I’m going to go to the mouse baking shop and then the house of cheese because when we get.
Back i am going to make a cheese plate .
Bikky. zikky where are you going .
Zikky. well i will go to the hall of sports and the cracker shack to pick up some crackers .
Setting. they are now in the mall.
Zikky. we will meet here in one hour.
One hour later
Zikky. Does everybody have every thing .
Mikky and bikky. yes .
Zikky. ten lets go home.

The end

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